Using a call answering service for your Sydney business can help you make money

What is call answering?
A call answering service is effectively an outsourced team who can answer your incoming calls when you are either not available to do so or are occupied with other tasks. With a call answering service, calls coming in to your Sydney phone number would be diverted to the VirtualOffice.Sydney number and our team of professionals would answer that call, take a message from the caller and then send you that message. What this means for your business is that you can then focus on the important issues in your business and we can take care of some of your administrative work.

Not all calls are equal
How many calls do you get to your Sydney business that are really just time wasters. These calls could be sales calls, recorded messages, wrong numbers etc. The problem is that you don't know who is possibly going to be on the other end of the line so you need to treat each call like it is going to be an important sales call. Unfortunately, a lot of the time you could be engrossed in something really complex that is taking up a lot of your mental power and concentration. Once you have finished with the telemarketer you then have to try and get back into what you were doing and regain your concentration.

An answering service will give you back time
Rather than try to answer all of those annoying calls yourself, why not make use of our virtual receptionist service to give yourself back all of that time that you need to focus on strategy and focus on building your Sydney business into something significant.

Total flexibility
There is no hard and fast rule in terms of how you should use our services. Some of our customers transfer all of their incoming calls to us and some just transfer the overflow, it is totally up to you. You may just decide to use us while your internal staff are on annual leave or you may want to just use us when you have a big marketing campaign going on or when you have a new product that you are about to launch. It is totally flexible and totally up to you.

How does the process work?
The process is really quite straight forward. When you sign up for your 7 day free trial you will be allocated a telephone number. This number will be a local telephone number (ie, if you are located in Sydney you may opt for a Sydney number). You then need to divert your existing telephone number to the number that has been allocated. You can divert after a specific number of rings or you can divert straight away, it is totally up to you. Once we receive those calls we will answer them with a greeting that has previously been agreed with you. Our receptionists will then take a message from the caller and send that message through to you.

How will I receive my messages
There are two options in relation to how you can receive your messages. You can either receive your message by SMS or by email. If you decide to receive your
message by SMS then you will incur a small additional charge per message. If you decide to receive your messages by email then there is no additional fee. The beauty in receiving your messages by email is that given that the majority of business people these days have smart phones it makes it extremely easy to receive your messages wherever you are and whatever you are up to.

How do I get started?
It's really easy to get started. You can either sign up using a sign up form and get your 7 day free trial. Alternatively, you can give one of our helpful customer care agents a call on 1300 132 087 and they will be happy to help. Give them a ring today, we know you will absolutely love our services.

NO minimum term
NO long term contracts