Getting a Phone Answering Service For Your Sydney Business Makes Sense

What is a telephone answering service
A telephone answering service is a team of virtual receptionists who are available to take calls for your Sydney business when you are unavailable. Unlike having your own in-house receptionist, with our Sydney telephone answering service we will always have several telephonists who are available to pick up your call when you or your staff are either busy on another call or are occupied with some other work. Telephone answering services like the one offered by Virtual Office Sydney are a great way to claw back some of that time that you are currently wasting on non-productive administrative tasks.

Why you need one
Running a small business is time consuming and complex. One minute you could be taking an order from a customer and the next minute you can be updating your accounting system. Unfortunately, all the while that you are carrying out all of the other tasks that you need to attend to you will be getting hit with a barrage of incoming telephone calls. To top things off, you generally don't have any idea in terms of whether that incoming call is a valuable sales related call or whether it is simply another tele sales person who is trying to sell you a new energy plan or some solar panels. This is where a professional telephone answering service can really deliver some clear benefits.

How does it work?
The way the service works at
VirtualOffice.Sydney is really simple. Firstly, once you have signed up for your free 7 day trial you will be allocated a unique telephone number. This number will be a local telephone number for the area that you choose. If you are in Sydney then this may be a Sydney number however there is also the possibility of making it a Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth number etc. Once you have your telephone number you will need to divert any incoming calls to this number. You can divert immediately or after a specific number of rings, it is totally up to you. When the call comes through to our telephonists they will answer that call using a greeting that has previously been agreed with you. You could say something like "Good morning, XYZ Company Sydney branch how can I help you" or whatever else you choose. Once the call has been answered then our receptionists will take a message and then deliver that message to you in a timely manner.

Who answers the calls?
Here at VirtualOffice.Sydney we employ professional skilled local Australian receptionists to answer your calls (24/7 if you want). Many of our competitors make use of offshore call centres to take their calls however we feel that it is difficult to get consistent quality when you send calls to offshore agents. We also take great effort to train our telephonists to ensure that they have all of the skills needed to provide you with a really first class level of service.

How will I get my messages?
Your messages will be delivered to you by either email or SMS. If you decide to get your messages via SMS then there will be a small additional fee per message that will be charged to your account. Getting messages via email is free. We find that because the majority of business people now have smart phones it is by far the most common way that our customers choose to receive their messages.

How much will it cost
We offer a variety of packages to suit a broad range of businesses. If you are just starting out and you do not expect to be receiving a lot of calls then you would probably want to go for our basic package. This package will cost you a $25 per month retainer plus a small fee per call that we answer. We find that the average start up customer ends up paying around $50-$70 per month. If you are a larger customer then you would probably want to go for one of our call packages which work out to be far more cost effective.

Sign up for a free trial
Signing up for a free trial is a great way to test out our services with absolutely no obligation and absolutely no cost to you. Signing up is easy, all you need to do is head over to our signup page and fill out your details. If you would rather talk to a person rather than fill out the form then you can also sign up over the phone by ringing one of our helpful customer service representatives on 1300 132 087. Why not sign up today, we are sure that you will love our service.

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