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Getting a Virtual Receptionist In Sydney Is Easier Than You Thought

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is similar to a live physical receptionist but a virtual receptionist has a lot more benefits. Firstly, with a virtual reception you only need to pay for what you use rather than paying for idle time. This means that when things are slow in your Sydney office you are not liable for all those wages costs of the telephonist. Secondly, if your business is extremely busy and getting loads of calls you do not have to worry about how all of these calls are going to be answered. Regardless of when the call is received you can organise for us to answer it. In effect you can have an after hours answering service . We can allocate as many or as few virtual receptionists as you need to get the job done. Thirdly, with a virtual staff member you don't need to worry about holiday pay, sick pay, overtime or superannuation. You simply pay for what you need.

What does a virtual receptionist do?

A receptionist answers your incoming telephone calls. It really is quite easy. Once you sign up for your free trial you will be allocated a telephone number. This number can either be a local Sydney number (or another local regional number if you want) or a 1300 number. THis allocated number is then the phone number that we answer and you will need to divert your existing number to this number. You then need to let us know what greeting our telephonists need to use when they answer your calls. This greeting is unique to your business and can be changed at any time that you like. Finally, you need to tell us how you want to receive your messages and we are ready to get started answering your calls.

What is the difference between virtual assistant and virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist answers calls and forwards you messages, a virtual assistant can perform a variety of tasks including sales support, filling out web forms, delivering customer surveys and much more.

Do I need a virtual receptionist or a real receptionist for my small business?

It depends on your size and type of business. For a small business it makes sense to have an outsourced receptionist so that you don't have to employ another staff member and you have the potential benefit of having someone there 24 hours a day to take calls. If you are a large business then you may want to have an in-house receptionist as well as a call answering service as the answering service can take calls after hours or when your receptionist is on a lunch break or is away sick or on leave.

Difference between the virtual receptionist and receptionist?

A virtual receptionist works remotely via the internet while a receptionist will work in your office. With a call answering service you can also get the benefit of having mulitle people available if there are a lot of calls while with an inhouse receptionist you will be limited to one person.

What is a virtual receptionist service?

A telephone answering service. One or more remote receptionists in our team can answer your businesses incoming calls and forward messages to you in respect of those calls. Our team can also field questions from your customers and in some instances answer those questions.


For 7 days. No obligation. No credit card required.

How do I get my messages?

Once the receptionist answers your incoming call and delivers your customised greeting to your callers they will take a message from the caller. This message can then be relayed to you in one of two different ways. Firstly, you can opt to have that message sent to you via email. With the majority of our customers we find this to be the preferred option as almost everyone these days has a smart phone that can receive emails. The other way that you can get your messages delivered is via text message however this option incurs a small fee per message sent.

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How much does the virtual receptionist cost?

From as little as $50 per month. It very much depends on how much you intend to use the digital receptionist. Our basic answering package starts at $25 per month retainer with a small cost per call (excl gst). If you expect to be receiving a reasonable number of calls then it makes better financial sense to opt for a package price that includes a set number of calls. The majority of our customers end up paying between $50 and $60 per month for their service.

Where is the receptionist located?

The receptionist is located in our office on the Sunshine Coast Qld. Our team are so good at doing their job that in many cases your customers will think that they are located in your office with you.

Do they just answer the phone

No, our team can also answer questions if the information is provided to them. Also, we can provide a whole variety of answering solutions if you want to work with our call centre staff to build up a more complex solution to your problem.

Do I need to sign a contract?

We don't believe in locking our phone answering service customers into long term contracts and you will be able to cancel at any time with just one months notice. Typically, if you get a virtual receptionist service then you will likely stay with us for 3 years and our typical customer stays with us because we provide an excellent level of service at an affordable price. We have spent many years building a state of the art telephone answering service to ensure that we deliver an incredible level of service to our customers each and every call.

What is a virtual reception?

A virtual reception is a phone answering service. It's really easy to get started with a virtual reception. All you need to do is sign up for a 7 day free trial of our virtual receptionist and you will be able to test drive our answering system for 7 days at no cost to you. We don't even ask for a credit card on sign up so it really is no obligation. If you are happy with the outcome of the free trial then you can talk to one of our helpful customer care representatives and we can upgrade you to a package that suits your call volume and your business. Don't worry, if your business grows or declines then there is the option to upgrade or downgrade these packages at any time.