Getting a toll free answering service makes sense

Finding that you don't have enough time to focus on the important aspects of your Sydney business?. Maybe you should consider getting a toll free answering service for your business. In Australia, toll free numbers are 1300 and 1800 numbers. Basically, if you have a 1800 number then your callers will get a free call when they ring that number. If you have a 1300 number then the caller will need to pay for a local call when they ring. The toll free aspect comes from the fact that the caller does not pay any long distance toll on the calls. From our experience there is no significant difference in terms of how well a 1300 works compared to a 1800 however there is quite a big difference in the call costs (ie, 1300 is significantly cheaper).

Here at VirtualOffice.Sydney we can give you our customer peace of mind in the fact that incoming telephone calls coming to your 1300 number will be handled by a trained professional Australia based team of dedicated receptionists. Your customers will be given the impression that you are a national Australian company because you use a 1300 number. Our telephonists can answer your incoming calls using your own company name and with a personalised greeting that you have chosen. The VirtualOffice.Sydney receptionists are capable of competently addressing any general business inquires and if you need us to we can update your diary records or your web forms with data.

Our team can be your virtual customer care team

Signing up for a receptionist service with a 1300 number makes really good business sense for businesses of all sizes. Not only will the caller get a financial benefit by receiving a free/cheap call to your company but the caller will also benefit from the fact that their calls are being answered by a professional receptionist who will get a message to you the business owner in a timely manner. From a business owners perspective it ends up being a serious win/win for everybody involved. It enables you to get on with the more strategic aspects of your job while your customer is dealt with promptly and efficiently. In addition, if it is a new enquiry then that potential customer is kept warm in the sales process by speaking to a real live person.

Our telephone answering team really are specialists in the field. The telephonists who will be answering your incoming calls are local Australian receptionists who are dedicated to providing you and your clients with a real first class service. Our team are rigorously trained when they start with us and will continue their professional training on a regular basis. Our mature skilled team understand the Australian and Sydney business environment and will work with you in house team to deliver a great service. When you sign up for a toll free answering service with VirtualOffice.Sydney the first part of the process is to tell us how you would want you caller s greeted when we answer the calls. The greeting is unique to your business and can be anything at all that you want. The greeting is not set in stone and can be changed any time that you want by logging into the VirtualOffice.Sydney portal and making the changes. Alternatively you can make use of our App's to make the changes.(IOS or Android). Once we understand how you want your callers greeted you will nedd to let us know how you want your messages delivered to you. In this respect you have 2 options, firstly you could have your message delivered via TEXT message direct to your mobile phone. Getting messages via TEXT message incur a small fee per message sent. The other more popular method for receiving your messages is to receive the message via email. If you have a smart phone then this message makes a lot ofr sense as you will get the message wherever you are. There is no additional fee for getting your messages by email.

We answer the calls - You focus on strategy

It makes sense to have a professional team of receptionists who you trust and rely on to deal with callers in the same professional way that you or your staff would deal with them yourselves. The next good news is that the cost of this toll free answering service is only a fraction of how much it would cost you if you wanted to answer the calls with internal staff. Our toll free receptionist service will be invoiced to you dependant on how much you use the service. This approach then gives your business real flexibility when it comes to deciding on how you will use our services and how much your business will make use of us. We have tried to keep our prices as simple as possible and we have a selection of flexible packages on offer that give you a specific number of calls in the package. This gives you the flexibility where you either pay a small retainer plus a cost/call or you pay a package price which will include a certain call volume. By picking a suitable package you can drastically reduce your average cost per call. The more incoming calls that you receive the cheaper your average cost per call will be.

Our customers come from a broad variety of industries. We have many professional customers like lawyers, accountants, architectural firms and consultants. We also have many customers in the digital area including IT consultants, digital marketing executives and IT support companies. Our services are also very appealing to tradespeople who are constantly on the go and aren't able to get to their phone quickly. A toll free answering service just makes good business and financial sense for any small to medium sized business.

If you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help your business, then why not give our friendly customer care executives a call on 1300 132 087 and we will be happy to talk you through the process.

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