Need a mailing address but don't want the expense of a physical office?

Setting a business up in Sydney can be expensive. There are all sorts of things that you have to outlay cash for. For even the most basic business these days will need it's own website, some sort of business vehicle and marketing material. This is all before you have to spend even more money on your marketing promotion and staff. The last thing you need at this stage is to spend even more money on a physical office. Maybe you should consider a Sydney mailing address as an alternative.

The cost of setting up a physical address in Sydney can also be over the top. Firstly, if you want an office in an A grade commercial office in the CBD you could be up for as much as $300 per square metre in rent. Once you have your space you will then need to fit out that space with a fit-out that goes with the location. A good fit-out can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. All of this is before you even bring in one customer and before you generate any sales.

It makes a lot more sense for a start-up business to go virtual. A virtual office/mailing address is only going to cost you a small percentage of the cost of a physical office. Also, when you sign up for a virtual office you don't have to wait months before you can start making use of that address. Generally, it takes around 24 hours to get everything finalised and you can have your new suite number ready to use on your business cards, website and your marketing materials.

When you get a virtual mailing address with VirtualOffice.Sydney you will be allocated a unique suite number that will identify your business. Any mail that you get delivered to the address can then either be collected by you during normal business hours or can be forwarded on to another location (for a small fee). You can actually have your mail forwarded anywhere in the world if you like. Also, if you need to meet with any of your customers face to face then you may want to choose one of our addresses that also provides meeting rooms. For a small fee you can book a meeting room and meet with your customers or potential customers in a professional CBD based business office. It makes a huge amount of business sense to only pay for a physical office when you really need one.

If you are considering getting a Sydney mailing address then you should also have a think about getting yourself a virtual receptionist to answer your incoming calls. Virtual receptionists work seamlessly with a virtual address. When you go for the whole digital package you win back the ability to focus your attention on winning new customers and making more money rather than spending all of your time focusing on answering your incoming calls and attending to a physical office.

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