Take Your Business Virtual And Save!

What are virtual services?

The internet has opened up a whole range of potential services that can assist business. When people refer to virtual business services they are usually referring to services that are delivered to the customer via the internet. These services can include virtual offices, virtual receptionist services, virtual assistant services plus a whole load more. Here at Virtual Office Sydney we provide a range of internet delivered services that can help you and your business operate more efficiently and hopefully make more money.

Virtual Office - Addresses - Virtual Makes Sense

When you start a new business you are faced with a whole range of costs. Not only do you need to establish your company, source your product, create your website and build your marketing material but you also need to source an office space, fit that office space out and get all of your utilities connected. When you get yourself a virtual office as opposed to a physical one your expenditure drops considerably. With a virtual office you don't have to worry about most of these costs. With a virtual address you get to use the address on all of your marketing materials and your website however you don't need to be physically located there. A virtual address gives you a CBD based location that you can use as an anchor point for your business however you are free to work from wherever you want to. On a sunny day you could head out to the beach and work out of a cafe or in winter you could head up to the mountains and work from a cosy hotel. It is all entirely up to you. The office that is linked to your virtual address can take delivery of any mail or courier deliveries on your behalf and can then either forward those items to you or hold them for you to collect.

Virtual Receptionist - Combining virtual And receptionist

Unfortunately, with the majority of businesses the flow of business is not particularly linear. One day you might be swamped with work while the next day everyone is sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. Unfortunately for you as the business owner you need to be paying your staff regardless of whether you are busy or not. Getting a virtual receptionist for your business gives you back some flexibility. With a virtual receptionist you only need to pay for the time that you use as opposed to having to pay for a staff member to sit there waiting for business to come in. Another great benefit with a virtual receptionist is that you don't have to pay for sick leave or holiday pay. When our telephonists are off sick or on holidays it is our cost and we have other staff members available who can immediately step in.

Virtual assistants - What you need for your business

Virtual assistants can perform a whole range of tasks for your business. Just like an admin or sales assistant they can be responsible for taking incoming calls, answering queries from callers, arranging appointments or bookings, completing spreadsheets and a whole range of other tasks. With a virtual assistant as opposed to a physical assistant you only pay for the time that they spend on your job. You don't need to pay for them when they are having lunch or they are taking annual leave or simply sitting around waiting for work to come in.

How much does an office address cost?

Different virtual services are charged in different ways. If you are interested in our virtual address service then you would pay a flat fee for a specific period of time. The longer that period is, the cheaper the cost is on a monthly basis, ie, if you sign up for a six month period then your virtual office will cost just $60 per month. When you compare this to the cost of a physical office it really is just a fraction. If you are looking to use our receptionist service then the cost will be dependant upon how much you want to use the service. We have packages that have been tailored for businesses of all different sizes. Many of our customers report saving up to 40% on the cost of an in-house receptionist by using our receptionist service. If you are looking to get a virtual assistant then the cost will be charged out on a per minute rate. If you are a small user then that per minute rate will be $2.50 per minute otherwise it will be $2.30. Given that you only pay for what you use our virtual assistant service can be really cost effective.

How can Virtual Office Sydney help with an address?

Here at Virtual Office Sydney we can help with all of your virtual needs. We have addresses available in all major capital cities with many of those business centres offering meeting room facilities and hot desking facilities as well (for a small fee). We have a range of receptionist packages that are available to businesses of all types and size, we also have assistants who are ready to assist with any of your VA projects.

Is it all legal?

Virtual addresses are perfectly legal. For many years lawyers have been using other lawyers offices as their business address whilst not having a physical office in the chambers or practice. A couple of decades ago other businesses started doing the same thing. One of the big benefits of getting a virtual office in a business centre is that you can legally get the benefit of a grade A address whilst only paying a fraction of the cost of an address at that physical office.

What happens to my mail?

It depends on the centre that you go with however in all cases there will be ways that you can either have that mail delivered to your actual address or you can have it held for collection. You should check the location details when you select your address. Some centres will have an actual physical mailbox for you to collect mail from and some will keep your mail in a file in a filing cabinet. Either way, it will be kept safe for you to collect.

What if I need to meet with clients at my office address?

If you need to have a meeting with clients then many of our centres will have meeting rooms that can be rented by the hour, the half day or the day. the centre may also provide other services whilst you are there like coffee and tea making, AV services etc.

Where do I get started?

Why not give one of our friendly sales assistants a call on 1300 132 087 and we will be happy to help you out.

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