24 Hour Telephone Answering Services Sydney

We live in a 24/7 world. Everyone is connected to the internet and business never stops. Wherever you are you are potentially accessible by your customers, staff and boss. Unfortunately the days of being able to walk out of the office door at 5pm and forget about work until 9am the next day are well adn truly over.

Manage the calls without working around the clock


Sitting around and waiting for calls can be tiresome. Unfortunately, if you are waiting on an important call then it is likely that it will arrive around 2 hours after you were expecting it. Instead of sitting around waiting, wouldn't it be easier if you could simply get on with your own stuff (whether that be personal or business) and then have the call forwarded to you when you come in? That's what you can do with an after hours answering service and it makes a lot more sense.

When you sign up for a telephone answering service from VirtualOffice.Sydney you get the option of also signing up for an after hours service. With the after hours service you get the option to have our professional receptionists take your call regardless of the time the call is made. If you have a customer who is located in the USA and they decide to call you at 3am in the morning then our receptionist team will be waiting to take that call. How great is that!

Just think about it, you could be at home having dinner with the family or you could be out at dinner with friends and your business calls will be covered. You only need to pay for what you need so if you don't actually receive any calls overnight you will not have to pay.

Why you should think about using our services


We are experts in the telephone answering industry, here are just 4 reasons why it makes sense to work with us

  • We have spent years building some of the best virtual receptionist software in the industry. We have extensive experience with answering small business calls and constantly track our KPI's to ensure you are getting the best possible value.
  • We employ local Australian receptionists to answer your calls during extended business hours. If a call is received outside of these hours then your call will be answered by staff in our UK and USA offices. These receptionists use exactly the same systems as our Australian staff and will ensure that your call is given the same level of care.
  • You can test drive our service for 7 days at absolutely no cost to you and with no obligation. We won't even ask for a credit card until you have decided to go ahead with the service.
  • Our service is really quite affordable. Some corporate clients have reported saving as much as 40% of the cost of an in-house receptionist by moving their call answering to us. Imagine how much it would cost if you tried to cover your 24/7 after hours calls in-house.

Getting a 24/7 answering service with an after hours option makes good business and financial sense.

How will I receive my messages?


Within minutes of receiving a call, our professional telephonists will be able to deliver a message to you in relation to the call details. This message can either be sent by email or by text message (for a small fee).


Do you need to take all of my calls?

You can give us as many or as few calls as you want. Some customers give us all of their incoming calls whilst others just use us for overflow. If you want, you could just use us for your after hours calls.


How do you get the calls?

You simply need to divert your number to a number that we allocate to your account (this is done at the time of free trial sign up). Some of our customers divert to us immediately whilst others might divert after a specific number of rings. Depending on your PABX setup you may want to divert after a specific time.


What if I don't need after hours

We will be happy to answer your calls regardless of the time. If you think that you need after hours for a limited time then you can simply add it to your account and take it off later. We believe in flexibility!

NO minimum term
NO long term contracts