Benefits of using a Virtual Office

Starting a business these days is a costly exercise. Not only do you have to fork out a whole lot of money for your equipment/inventory but just the task of setting up an office can make a serious dent in your finances. Wouldn't it be easier if you could save all of that office setup money and redirect it to more needy areas of your business like employing the right people or paying for your online advertising. Fortunately there is a way to avoid all of those additional costs. For only a fraction of the cost of setting up a physical office you can now have a virtual office that provides you with many of the benefits.


Getting a virtual office for your Sydney business makes great business and financial sense. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider using the cloud for your next office location.

  • Get to use a premium address Lets face it, if you are looking to setup a small business and you decide to get yourself a physical address then it is most likely that you will opt for something cheap. Your new office may end up being in the suburbs out the back of a local shopping centre. While it is one step up from working out of your garage or your home office it still doesn't have the presence of a CBD office. When you opt to use a virtual office for your new Sydney business you get the opportunity to make use of a prestigious CBD address. Imagine how impressed your clients or your potential clients are going to be when they see that you are based in the CBD.
  • Work where you want to workNow that we all have internet at home and you can get wireless mobile internet with speeds up to 90MBS it doesn't make sense to lock yourself down to a certain room in a certain office. By making use of technology you can now work from wherever you want. One day you might want to work out of home while the next day you might head up to the Blue Mountains and work out of a cafe up there. Wherever you decide to work, you can still use your virtual address on all of your marketing materials or brochures.
  • Meetings with your clientsAn argument that some people put up against virtual offices is that there will be nowhere to meet with clients when they want to come in. With many of our virtual offices you get the opportunity to rent out meeting rooms at really affordable rates. These meeting rooms could simply be 2 person rooms or they could be a full board room. Whatever your meeting requirements, we will hopefully have a meeting room that is suitable. Also, the meeting rooms are in the same building as your virtual office so from your clients point of view they are simply coming to your office for a meeting. Perfect!
  • Use of hot desksHow many times are you called in to the Sydney CBD for a morning meeting only to find that another client wants to schedule a meeting in 4 or 5 hours time. It doesn't make sense to drag all of the way home and then head back in. If you do that you will probably end up spending most of your day sitting in traffic or potentially sitting on a train. With a number of our virtual offices you have the option to make use of a hot desk for a very small fee. A hot desk makes a lot of sense. You can catch up on your emails or return your messages without having to worry about finding somewhere to sit or getting mobile reception.
  • Google Places One of the big benefits of getting yourself a cloud office is that you can then use that address for your Google Places listing. Google Places is a great way to drive customers to your new business and when they do a search for your services in Sydney your location bubble is going to pop up directly in the centre of Sydney.
  • Marketing Materials These days a lot of your marketing promotion will be done online. You will likely have a website, directory listings, Google Shopping entries plus a whole lot more. All of these marketing approaches can make use of your new virtual address. In addition to the online marketing approaches you can also make use of offline marketing like catalogues, brochures and price lists that can also make use of your new virtual address.
  • Networking OpportunitiesSome of our virtual address business centres also offer you the opportunity to meet with other virtual tenants and network. These networking opportunities may be in the form of presentations by useful businesses or in the form of drinks events.
  • Cost SavingsAs mentioned earlier, when you set up a physical office you are up for a whole range of costs. Not only do you need to pay the rent but you will also need to pay a bond on 4-6 weeks rent. If it is a new fitout then you will be up for the cost of partitioning and furniture and probably the cost of all of the technology that you now need in an office. Alternatively, if you opt for a virtual office for your Sydney business you will only have to pay a small % of these costs to secure a prestige Sydney CBD office address. I know which one is more appealing to me.

Why stop at one virtual address. We don't just have virtual offices in Sydney but we have them throughout the country. Never has it been easier to set up a national operation than it is now with VirtualOffice.Sydney.

Need more information? Why not give us a call on 1300 132 087 and we will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in the process of choosing the right location for your business. We can also help you with Sydney answering services.

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