A virtual address gives you a corporate presence. professional edge. postal address.

Getting a virtual address for your small business makes a lot of financial sense. Not only does it make your small business look bigger but it is also a great way to cut back on costs and make your small business more profitable.

How does a Virtual Office work?

A virtual office or virtual address is where you get to use a CBD business address as the business address for your company. It costs only a fraction of the cost of a physical space and can make your business look much bigger than it actually is.

  • Get a prestige office address in the Sydney CBD
  • Make use of your address on marketing materials and your website
  • No long term contracts, no bonds, no deposits
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Look The Part

We live in a world where image is everything. Unfortunately, when you are a small business that has just started out you tend to be a little short on image. Getting a virtual office lets you look the part without outlaying all of the cash.

Prestigious CBD Locations

Think of how impressed your potential new customers will be when they see your prestigious new address on your business cards. We have offices in grade A prestigious buildings in Sydney and in all major CBD locations throughout the country.

Save On Cashflow

A startup can be a bit of a money pit. You have to outlay cash for a broad range of things including equipment, deposits, bonds, furniture and more. With a virtual office you can cut back on a whole range of the physical costs involved.

Get a Meeting Room

Many of our prestigious offices also have the option of renting a meeting room when you need it. This then gives you the opportunity to meet your clients at the same address that you are showing on all of your marketing materials.

Work From Anywhere

One of the best features that you get with a virtual office is simply that it is virtual. You don't need to go to the same office every day regardless of what you have on. With a virtual office you can work from wherever you want.

Get a Virtual Receptionist

If you are thinking about going virtual with your business then it makes sense to complement your virtual address with a cloud answering service. You will then be truly virtual and able to focus on strategy while we focus on calls.

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NO long term contracts


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